TYPERSONA provides information on your personality preferences.

Your TYPERSONA report will help you better understand your overall preferences as it relates to people, your world of work, how you approach things, your management style and potential pitfalls within your personality style.

You can also learn more about your TEAM TYPERSONA. A team report is available when two or more team members complete the TYPERSONA test which will give you more information on the strengths of the team, ideal work environment and how to manage your team.

  • Extroversion

    Extroverts tend to be sensation-seeking, spontaneous, and gregarious. They enjoy crowds, noise, and stimulation.

  • Introversion

    An introvert is a person who prefers to process thoughts internally. Introverts tend to think before they speak.

  • Sensing

    They want, trust, and remember facts, and usually describe themselves as "practical".

  • Intuition

    They prefer metaphor, analogy, and logic, and tend to reason from first principles and hunches.

  • Thinking

    They use impersonal means of reasoning: logic and verifiable experience.

  • Feeling

    They prefer personal reasoning: value judgements and emotions.

  • Judging

    They prefer to come to decisions, and move on.

  • Perceiving

    They prefer to leave their options open to perceive new possibilities and processes as long as possible.

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